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Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

 Private detective & investigator  Area of operations: Croatia, EU, Balkan, Worldwide Services


Apolo Security and Crobran Croatia implement and offer:
Counseling in any security issues, Counseling at any personal problem, Selfhelp educations, Life coaching, Work-Related Violence Educations for Companies, and Private Tactical Training for private clients. We come to you and work with you - of course respecting COVID measures. Tactical training is also fitness training because there is no effective defense without great fitness. Contact: +385 992785170, or at


Respected all:

With respect to all COVID 19 safety measures - we are working in the field.
 For now, we are all healthy and eager.
Call us with confidence. Apolo Protection +385992785170, or email us at

Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska - Croatia-Private Detective

Detective Office Apolo Security - Private Detective Gordan Krajacic - +385 99 2785170 

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

[ Matrimonial and Love problems ]


Breaking of matrimonial contracts, marriage problems, cheating, infidelity/fidelity checkings, love problems!




Criminal investigations of crimes enforced by private lawsuits (thefts, embezzlement, malversations, destruction and damaging of properties, frauds, bodily harms, hiding of crime and nonreporting of crime, other investigations) 

Educations and seminars

Work related violence seminars

Active shooter seminars

Tactical education on self protection

CEO only protective seminars

[ Harassment and abuse ]

Solutions against harassment of unkonwn or known persons or groups. Solutions against abuse of any kind. School bullying, domestic abuse, family violence, work reladted abuse, threaths, stalking and more. 

[Close Protection Services



Close protection worldwide - personally by Mr. Gordan Krajacic or by our associate teams under our command and control.

[ Missing Persons ]


Missing persons investigations and searches on global scale. Fiding persons in escape and hiding.

[ Bug Sweeps ]


We conduct Bug Sweeps against all electronic means of hidden surveillance

Digital forensics of mobile and PC components, data recovery form all media - damaged or partially damaged.

[ Surveillance ]


Discreert surveillance of persons and assets. CCTV and audio surveilance devices, gadgets and special equipement.

[Insurance Frauds]


Insurance frauds investigations,  checking of real status, false traffic accidents, false damage reports, false injury reports, general frauds.

Our private detective services are available across the whole EU but even around other countries too. We can serve as advisory and information gathering power for your purposes worldwide. In our investigation services, we are conducting every our action according to the laws and regulations of our country and the European Union. We can provide you state of the art investigative service but for this, we need your maximal cooperation and cooperation. We can offer you a global reach with investigative services through our partner's network, that means that there is no place in the world that we can not go to investigate.

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

How does it work in reality? After the client state the problems to be resolved by our help, we conduct more detail interview with the client to pick up as many details about the problem and person causing it. Then the contract for Private detective Services is signed between clients and us, and a special letter of grant rights to conduct an investigation on behalf of the client is signed also between our agency and client. After that, we conduct an investigation and upon the end of the investigation, we present to our client a special report with all collected information attached with all gathered documents, information, photographs, sketches and other evidence if needed.

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

+385 99 278 5170

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatsk


Headquarter office: the City of Pakrac, branch office: the city of Zagreb

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

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Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

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