The Prices



07.00 h do 21.00 h ---34,00 €

21.00 h do 07.00 h---50,00 €


07.00 h do 21.00 h---50,00 €

21.00 h do 07.00 h---75,00 €


One time advice: 100,00 €


Cases analysis: from 267,00 € up to 1.000,00 €


Photography development: 0.50,00 €/per one photo


Checking, background checking another checking: hourly rates +expences. Fixed price per every  check: 200,00 €


Flat rate policy: 1.000,00 €/monthly in advance – for short notice availability- on call


Vehicles – Croatia and 400 km radius  - 0.60,00 €/km - per kilometer

Vehicles in surveillance: 01,00 €/km - per kilometer

International – vehicles: 1,5 €/km - per kilometer


Expenses that are additionally charged:
Travel costs by km, travel tickets, taxi rides, food expenses, lodging, parking, coffee shops, restaurants, unexpected expenses, expenses for special equipment, other expenses. 


Prices for all other services: according to agreements and type of business.

We approve additional discounts based on type and duration of jobs.

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska 

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