The secret of our strength and power in domestic and international investigations and jobs is in association with top professionals and companies from all over the world. That is why our reach is global and possible in almost every corner of this planet. We proudly introduce our partners here. Of course, because of the nature of our business, there are also our secret partners with whom we carry out very special missions and jobs globally:


Secret Investigations is owned by world-renowned licensed private detective Miss Leanne Jones of Vancouver. Miss Jones specializes in homicide and is very successful in her business. She has solved some of the very serious cases of murder, provided information that helped capture the perpetrators and brought the necessary peace to the families of the victims, and sometimes helped in her investigations to acquit unjustly accused and innocent people of something they did not commit. Miss Jones is also a crime novel writer, piano music composer and psychologist, and occasionally works with people with mental disabilities to improve their health status.


The St. Louis Shadow Company is a licensed, professional privately-owned detective agency and our partner for global investigations of all levels. Their partner network and our partner network allow us to reach far, far - across the globe. Shadow Company is owned by a licensed private detective - Mr. Mike Bland, who served as a police officer in his state for 20 years as a regular police officer, as a member of the SWAT team, as a criminal investigator, and as police chief in his city. The Shadow Company employs a large number of detectives and other professionals and also former members of the Special Forces of America when it is necessary to carry out more difficult and demanding tasks.


VG TEH Security d.o.o. is a company specializing in private security (personal protection, security and protection systems, cash-in-transit, crowd control, close protection – bodyguards, risk assessments, the design and installation of security and protection systems) and fire protection (fire protection technicians, outsourcing available fire brigades). The personal protection/security and the protection and fire protection system of VG TEH Security d.o.o. covers more than 1000 facilities all over Croatia. Continuous business development of VG TEH Security d.o.o. also comes from superior technical equipment. In our day-to-day business, we use state-of-the-art radio communication systems, weapons, metal detectors, high-end armored vehicles, GSM and GPS communications solutions, advanced ERP business solutions, and numerous technical aids.




EBSA is the European Bodyguard Association and School. The purpose of this association is to network with top professionals and companies in the field of bodyguard jobs and to organize and provide training and training for bodyguards. Apolo Zaštita cooperates with EBSOM and Apolo Zaštita owner Gordan Krajačić is EBSA's coordinator for Croatia.  EBSA ensuring the legitimate practice of the security profession and protect the EBSA members by upholding and maintaining standards of training and ethics in our profession. EBSA is represented by international experts and we stake our reputation on their ability to deliver bespoke security solutions, and where required, training programs to a wide range of organizations and individuals in both the private and public sectors operating in European and other countries.


Securiness specializes in the sale, installation, service, and maintenance of specialty technical security devices such as X-ray scanners for humans, vehicles, trains, trucks, ships, metal detectors, drug detectors, explosives and hazardous chemicals, and video surveillance systems, alarm systems. Proud distributors of infrared scanners for the human body - for counter-terrorism - are scanners that can inspect the entire human body non-invasively and without X-ray radiation in 60 sec. Apolo Protection is their representative for the Middle East, Croatia, Greece, Turkey and the countries of the Balkan region.

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