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Founder and Manager - Private Detective Gordan Krajacic

[ Licence for Private Detective Jobs and Services from the Republic of Croatia ]


Private Detective Gordan Krajacic is ex-Police Officer - Ministry of Interior of Croatia and longtime security expert with 30 years of consecutive experience. His road to security business started in 1990. and it is still ongoing today. His experience among other jobs at security fields was gathered and through 3 different wars: Croatia Homeland war, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq. The investigative experience was gained through Military Police Service and as Organized Crime Enforcement Inspector and through the private security sector. Gordan Krajacic is a Licensed Security Manager and European Bodyguard Security Alliance Certified Bodyguard.  As Detective Office we are dedicated to finding the truth and justice for our clients. We mange in several cases to resolve missing children cases, business intelligence cases, infidelity cases, internationally finding persons and their real residency, crime cases and we manage to protect our trusted client's as close protection details.

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

Private Detective Gordan Krajacic:


1990.-1997. - Homeland war, private security, Kinesiology faculty.


1997. - 2014. - Ministry of Interior of Croatia. Weapons and Martial Arts Instructor, Inspector for Organized crime enforcement, Instructor and Company Commander in SWAT unit of Croatia, jobs of organization and realization of mass events security, arrestment, VIP security, cooperation in various criminal investigations. Police Academy Education for Crime Inspector.


2011. - NATO - ISAF mission member in Afghanistan - rank Colonel.


2014.-2016.  - Team Leader of Close Protection team in Iraq.


2016. - today - Private Detective and Security Company Owner - Apolo Security.

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska


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