Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

Our Detective Agency together with our associates all together have over 100 years of real-life work experience. Only our Detective Agency has a successful 27 years of experience in various security affairs from the most basic jobs as guards, grunt soldiers, regular cops, educators, in negotiations about pure survival in high-risk countries, negotiations about not killing certain groups of people, up to the most sophisticated jobs of Security Management. That's why we are very confident in our knowledge. Based on this, we offer a Citizens Advice and Counseling service for legal entities - companies and corporations.

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

Corporate Security Consulting


  • Strategic consulting in the field of corporate security.

  • Overview and analysis of the existing security situation.

  • Development, planning, implementation and control of security systems.

  • Organize and implement security concepts in the area of corporate security with the aim of maximizing all measures according to exact client needs and maximally increasing security levels, thus reducing losses in all areas.

  • Corporate intelligence and counterintelligence analytics and solutions

  • Competition Advisory.

  • Special counseling for the company's VIP people - security and family.

  • All level companies Security Consulting.

  • Small business Security Consulting.                     Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

Counseling for Citizens


  • Marriage problems, family problems.

  • Problems with bureaucracy, problems with the law.

  • Problems at work, school, college.

  • The security of persons and families.

  • Problems in life.

  • Analysis of subjects and tips.

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

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