• Marital infidelity investigations - love problems- marital contracts investigations, custodial investigations

  • Private person frauds investigation - Actual physical checkings

  • Missing person’s investigations

  • Children problems - drugs, alcohol, buying, misconduct in public and family

  • Slandering investigations against personal honor and respect

  • Cause of damage investigation – search for perpetrators!

  • Investigations for lost or stolen items!

  • Evidence gathering!

  • Counter-espionage measures – BUG SWEEPs

  • Checking of interested individuals or groups

  • Criminal investigations enforced by private lawsuits (bodily harm, thefts, frauds, slandering, hiding of crimes etc..)

  • Security and bodyguard services,

  • Counseling services - case analysis and counseling

  • Discreet surveillance services

  • Checking of potential love partners before the beginning of relationships (online dating and such)

  • Protection against bullying

  • Protection against crime and criminals - known and unknown

  • Help with family problems (drug, alcohol abuse or children problems)

  • Negotiating and mediating

  • Digital forensics and data recovery

  • Anty spy measures

  • Private self-defense training and self-protection education.

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska


[ Discreet Surveillance/ Marital and Love problems / Investigations and Checks / Missing Persons ]


Commercial services


  • Sales of discreet surveillance equipement

  • CCTV sales - instalations, maintainance, technical security devices sales - alarms, fire response devices, door supervision camera sytems,

  • Seecret surveilance equpement

  • Sales of special surveillance and tehnical equipement - radar and CTTV integrated systems, anti drone systems...

  • Sales of special equipment - drug, explosive, chemical warfare scanners, roentgen vehicle scanners, infrared person scanners, field metal detectors.

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

[ Discreet surveillance systems sale/Technical security systems sale/Specialized equipement sale ]


[ Fraud Investigations / Due Diligence / Digital and mobile forensic and data recovery ]




  • Insurance frauds investigation -Business frauds investigation

  • Background checking - Performance checking of individuals and groups

  • Checkings of security measures

  • Searches for hiding debtors

  • Anonymous persons slandering your business investigations

  • Cause of damage investigation – search for perpetrators

  • Investigations for lost or stolen items

  • Evidence gathering

  • Companies and other business subject’s performance, law and reliability checking!

  • Counter-espionage measures – BUG SWEEP examination of business and private areas, facilities, vehicles!

  • Alcoholism testing

  • Job candidate checking – performance, reliability, criminal background checks

  • Debt, property and finance checking of individuals and companies

  • Investigation of business misconduct at all levels – personal, workers, companies, etc...

  • Criminal investigations for companies

  • Planning and execution of business-sensitive data protection

  • Informatics security by ISO standards, mobile network security, data protection, classification etc.

  • Court, client, attorney documents delivery - address finding

  • Business intelligence/counterintelligence,

  • Corporate investigations,

  • Security and bodyguard services

  • GPS tracking

  • According to your needs service

  • Security management services - Security Counseling services

  • VIP Protection

  • Total technical security solutions for companies

  • Digital forensic and data recovery

  • Protection against crime and criminals - known and unknown

  • Negotiating and mediation

  • Education in security - Corporate Self Defense Seminars - form employees, management, owners.

Private Detective Croatia-privatni detektiv Hrvatska

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